Motto: Unity & Strength


a. KVYO shall seek to preserve traditional laws, costumes, indigenous games & sports and historical facts.
b. KVYO shall demand co-operation and patroitism towards safeguarding the interest of the village from every member.
c. KVYO shall make every effort to maintain dignity and respect of the village.
d. KVYO shall render service and work jointly in every decision taken by the Kohima Village Council.
e. KVYO shall seek to uplift the spirit of the weaker section of the village and help build their self-respect to become useful citizens of the village.
f. KVYO shall secure to all its members justice, equality and social security and to promote and safeguard their rights and privileges.


In the year 1989, our State Nagaland created a new political history and was experiencing an extraordinary peaceful times in all fronts. Because both the parties viz. Congress and the Regional were in alliance in running the Government. It was also an opportune time for me to associate myself with the Government as Public Relation Officer to the Chief Minister of Nagaland.
During that period, the time had come for the Kohima Village Council to constitute a new executive team for the Council. Never in the history of our Village Council do the different political parties interfere in the affairs of the Village, but that year, some of the top leaders of the parties interfered for their selfish interest and were about to divide the Village on political lines. Sensing the dangerous designs and the seriousness in the event of the Village being divided, some of us, the youth members from all political parties started to meet.

We met several times, only to discuss the sole issue of political interferences in the affairs of the Village. We were all aware of the fact that sooner or later the responsibility of the Village affairs would come to us and realized that in the event of the Village being divided, it would be a herculean task to unite the Village in the future. So, we had taken a matured decision and resolved to never allow political interference in the Village affairs. At the same time we also realized that we had to have a union or organisation to take up the matter with our people. And so, inviting all the Khel's youth, we discussed, deliberated and resolved to form the union as 'Kewhimia Youth Organisation' (KYO).

We all proposed the eldest brother amongst us, Late Mr. Ruovilie Solo to be the founding President. But since he refused, I was approached for the post. I humbly accepted and thus became the founding President of KYO.

The first Executive team of KYO was the following:
1. President - Mr. Menuovilie Kesiezie
2. Vice President - Late Mr. Rübeikhrie-o Suohu
3. General Secretary - Mr. Zeneituo Pienyü
4. Jt. Secretary - Late Mr. Vituolhoulie Belho
5. Treasurer - Mr. Vilie-o Rutsa
6. Finance Secretary - Mr. Medoselhou Keretsü
7. Cultural Secretary - Late Mr. Vilhouzhalie Dzüvichü
8. Asst. Cultural Secretary - Mr. Lhousuohie Keditsu
9. Food Secretary - Mr. Neiphre-u Kire
10. Asst. Food Secretary - Mr. Meselhoulie Rame
11. Publicity Secretary - Mr. Viechühu Liezietsu
12. Asst. Publicity Secretary - Mr. Neisakuolie Rutsa
13. Games and Sports Secretary - Mr. Keneiselhou (Neibou) Sekhose
14. Asst. Games and Sports Secretary - Mr. Dzieselhoulie (Dokolie) Khezhie
15. Khel Representatives - Khel Youth Presidents
16. KVSU Representative - President, KVSU
17. Women Representatives - Ms. Ketoulhouvinuo Solo (T. Khel),Ms. Vilanuo Yhome (L.Khel), Ms. Keneilhounuo Rutsa (P. Khel),Ms. Kereisienuo Kire (D. Khel)
18. Advisor - Late Mr. Ruovilie Solo

The first task of the KYO was on the day the date was fixed for the election of the new executive of the Village Council. On that day, there was pandemonium in the hall. No one was listening to the other. In the earlier meetings of the KYO, we had chosen a set of leaders, real leaders who loved the Village and had the wisdom of their fathers and forefathers, to be the new executive of the council. This proposal was presented to the public, who discussed and decided to vote for it. The proposal was accepted unanimously and the new Executive of the Council was constituted peacefully. Thus, Kohima Village chose a true leader who had no formal education but had the wisdom, to be the Chairman of the Village Council.

(Source: Menuovilie Kesiezie, KVYO Silver Jubilee Souvenir 2014)

First Executive Team of Kewhimia Youth Organization


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