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The Genesis of Kohima Village Sports Association
It is through the immeasurable providence and grace of God that our village has been blessed with the choicest of land and location. Therefore we should give God all due praise and thanksgiving for all these exceptional endowment and honor him by living in mutual harmony tied together by bonds of love and respect for one another. There had been time in the past when bitterness and negative rivalry existed which hampered the growth of understanding and friendship among us. However even then, respective Khel elders strongly felt the need for all khel to transcend and overcome these barriers of hatred and enemity and develop a sense of oneness and live together in mutual harmony and friendship. They correctly realised that these differences were weakening us and made us objects of ridicule and mockery. The main points of contentions were:
a. Restrictions on free movement and grazing of cattles and livestocks belonging to other khels
b. Restrictions of drawing water from khel ponds and wells by members of other khels
c. Restriction on inter khel socializing

This inner longing of all khels was translated into concrete reality when the late Krusiehu Belho, judicial Peshkar D.C Court judicial convened a meeting of khel Gaunburas and elders as well as educated persons from the four respective khels. This meeting gave birth to the idea of a friendly wrestling tournament as according to our customary and traditional practices, the moment two individuals meet in a wrestling bout, a new friendship , strong and lasting is established henceforth.

The year 1944, saw all Kohima village youth preparing themselves for the ensuing wrestling tournament which unfortunately could not take place owing to the on set of the Second World War. However we can righfully state that 1944 was the year which laid the foundation of the Kohima Village annual sports which in due time it evolved into the present Kohima Village Sports Association.

In 1945 the following year, the wrestling matches were held at the Hurutsumia's ground, Thevokemouzie of Lhisemia Khel. The invocation of blessings on the tournament was offered by Head Gaunbura Zeyunyü Yhome. The next year on 9th January 1946 , Dapfhütsumia Khel hosted the tournament at their Khel ground. In lieu of wrestling, other athletic events were introduced that year for the first time since the inception of these friendship games. Mr. Vinyüzo Miachieo received the all round individual champion trophy for three years in a row and was awarded an aluminium water pot (lipfhü)as then, these were as rare as well as expensive items.

Name of individuals associated with the games at the beginning:
Names of Gaunburas:
1. Mr Zeyunyü Yhome Leader (Head G.B.), 2. Mr. Zeluolie Mepfhüo, 3. Mr. Zhalie Suokhrie, 4. Mr Duorhelie Kesiezie, 5. Mr. Miamhienyü Suohu, 6. Mr. Lhounyü Solo, 7. Mr. Krusielie Rhiepfü, 8. Mr. Khrietseilhou Rutsa, 9. Mr. Krusietsü Kire, 10. Mr. Lhoutsolie Keyho

Village elders:
1. Mr. Krusiehu Belho 2. Dr. Neilhouzhü Kire 3. Mr. Theyiekhrielie Tseikha 4. Mr. Zelievi Miachieo 5. Mr. Nuolhoukielie Pienyü 6. Mr. Neisielhou Mepfhüo 7. Mr. Neisielhou Vizo 8. Mr. Sasiekuo Sekhose

Youth Leaders:
1. Mr Chüselie Kire, 2. Dr. Vidilhoulie Khezhie, 3. Mr. Neiliehu Belho, 4. Mr. Vinguzhü Dzüvichü, 5. Mr. Neilhou Mepfhüo, 6. Mr. Vibeilie Solo, 7. Mr. Khietsolie Suokhrie, 8. Mr. Kevilhoulie Tseikha, 9. Mr. Khrielie Miachieo, 10. Mr. Neihutuo Khezie, 11. Mr. Vikrulie Belho, 12. Mr. Theyieneizo Miachieo

Owing to these games, a spirit and an atmosphere of respect, oneness and mutual harmony has been cultivated and brought about among our village members. Competitions from various Khels have entered the games with a positive sense of healthy competition and rivalry and till date this tradition has been impeccably maintained. It should be the endeavour of all respective Khels to see that the ideals and objectives of the founding fathers be regarded and honoured and by doing so strengthen the unity and general good of our village.
(Source: Dr. Satuo Sekhose, KVSA Golden Jubilee Souvenir 1994)

Kewhimia Napfü-nadi zatho-u pfü di u donu kezekesuo mu kengukemvü la keperhie zovor, teicie 1944 cie Kepenuopfü-e kezevilie morokesuo noule se u krütamia huo tsüdi, Kohima Village Council pesielie. Hacie nu KVC-e ramia bu thecathebie huo chü di kenousilie ketuo noule se di khriesamia kenelie kesüko bu rüzhü kekietuo üdi thinuo pete rei u khriesa kezu pedze ketha nu terhü lerta di u ramia mharhüu thurhuowata. Derei hacie nu kewhimia mechü rüzhü-u phrü sedetuota.

Sidi teicie 1945 cie Lhise kizou, THEVOKEMOUZIE nunu Head G.B. Zeyunyü Yhome bu mhakevi chapie rüzhümia tsüdi u ramia kene pebalie. Teicie 1946 cie rüzhü kepetseko (Athletic) sedekelie nunu vor teicie 1957 ketso Kohima Village Council thuo u ramia rüzhü-u meza zovor 1958 cie Kohima Village Sports Association pesie pie u ramia rüzhü-u meza sedeta.

Haidi Kewhimia mechü rüzhü hau pesiekelie yawi nu ramia khriesarüü keze kepechü-kepekro mu pheretuoli chü kepfhükewhikecü nu kenousi, kedieze mu ketheziekecü noule se phrelieta. Kethezie mu thenou kemezhü nunu teicie kepra rüzhü seilie vor 1970 cie Games rüzhü huo sa rüzhü sede lalie.

Siro thepiekepfü kethuli di u ramia rüzhü meza zovor 1994 cie teicie “ Hiepengou Nyi” (Golden Jubilee) nyilie. Hatei-u nu rei u ramia rüzhü pesiekelie dze mu rüzhü nu miavi chükevorko za pfhüpie, teicie hiepengou nyi zanu Seweda puo chüpie zhü wate. Mu hau sie teicie kepra rüzhü mota di teicie kenie nu thinuo diako bu ketherü di rüzhü-u peso la phir 2012 cie KVSA rüzhü va 60-u (Diamond jubilee) pebakelie sie Kohima Village Council-e KVYO mu KVSA bu kesata morokesuo chatha khakeshü (Zhiephie zha 30,2011) medzi di, Cacü zha 17,2012 nhie KVYO mu KVSA, krotho hanie bu kesate. Mu sidi KVYO thuo 2014 cie KVSA Meet va 61-u peso sedete.
(Source: Dzieseneituo Belho & Dzüvinguzo Mepfhüo, KVYO Silver Jubilee Souvenir 2014)


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